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2016-01-22 10:44:37 by funneemonkee

I'm not much of an artist, but I figured there wouldn't be anything too bad about uploading some of the things I've drawn that I'm pretty proud of. I'm hoping to improve my skill with just repetition and constant work at it.


2015-09-22 14:30:59 by funneemonkee

God, I wish I had the money for the tattoos I want. I know what I plan to get next, but the more time passes the more I want to get the gems before the chess piece. Fuuuuck. Also I really need artwork for my chest pieces. I doubt I'll ever get them based on my outragous criteria for them, but meh. I want my new tattoos. Now. Please and thank you.

It's nice

2015-04-04 17:46:26 by funneemonkee

It's nice to be able to just relax and not worry about other people being around. The decision to move was the best I've made. Now to save up and actually get out of this state.

Someone come drink with me.

2015-03-10 02:07:18 by funneemonkee

I have vodka and whiskey and I need someone to talk to.

I miss people

2014-12-11 22:24:38 by funneemonkee

Like, all the people I used to talk to all the time. Back when Radio Chat was still a thing. It was great. Those were awesome people and they helped me through some of the harder times of my stupid teenage life. I hope they're all doing well...

I has a new car <3

2014-08-25 13:13:59 by funneemonkee

Finally. It's a candy apple green 2011 Mazda 2 Sport. It's so pretty. I'm so glad to finally have a car again. 

I miss my car

2014-08-07 19:31:44 by funneemonkee

Not having my own mode of transportation fucks with me. I hate waiting on someone to give me a ride, and I know it kills my mom to have to add an extra 80 miles of driving per day to her already roughly 75 mile drive as it is. I hope things work out for me to get that Avenger I looked at the other day. Now for mom to have a free few hours to take me to the bank and the dealership.

Guys I got a tattoo.

2014-03-16 20:59:55 by funneemonkee


Not for lack of wanting the friendship.. I want it so much.. But apparently I'm really fucking bad at them. So I'll sit here and wait until I'm abandoned or forgiven.. Whichever comes first...

Memoirs of My Happiness....

2014-01-14 01:49:06 by funneemonkee

Memories wash through my mind

My sanity has run out of time

I fight and kick and scratch and bleed

And hope my will I don’t exceed

These memories stuck in my head

They lift me up fill me with dread

I can’t handle this for very long

Everything is going wrong

I’m tired of holding in my tears 

I’m sick of fighting off my fears 

I just want a chance to breathe 

And not my consciousness exceed 

Can some one take away this pain 

That’s always fighting in my brain 

I can’t take this any longer 

I’m not getting any stronger…